About Us

Our background is in medical and para-medical. For 47 years, we have treated clients with acute to chronic pain.


Research and development of rehabilitation programs and therapeutic techniques has always been in the forefront of our success in helping our clients. Starting with physical therapy, we quickly realized that manual therapy is only part of the many solutions needed to treat our clientele. This is why we started partnering up with other disciplines such as osteopathy, acupuncture, occupational therapy and massage therapy at first. Still some solutions eluded us so we broadened our team with physicians and specialists like orthopedists, physiatrists and rheumatologist. After more studies we completed the team with nutritionists, psychologists and pharmacists.

Our Innovations

Having a large and diverse team gave us the ability to research and field test our innovations with our consenting clientele. This provided a way for us to compare our results with others from the medical community. Through the last few years, we have created multidisciplinary programs and biopsychosocial programs that increase success of recovery from 24% to 76%. We also created classes of therapeutic yoga, mindful meditation, postural hygiene and workplace ergonomics, all backed by proven research. Technology has provided us with even more resource of efficacies with options like health monitors giving us statistics on individuals, video consoles that help with exercises and many kinds of video recording applications that help us study and compare results. Observing every aspect of the different treatments, we noticed that manual therapy often uses creams sprays or gels to numb the pain before treating the client. This is done to reduce pain and sometimes inflammation which make movements harder for the treatment. Clients asked for the product used in clinic to bring back home so they could get some pain relief after their daily activities. After asking our clients their thoughts on these products, the recurring complaint was that the relief is only temporary. That is the reason why we decided to put our minds together and come up with a ultimate solution that could not only provide pain relief but also increase the client's ability to recover from musculoskeletal pain.

Our goal

We live in a part of the world where 98% of the population will suffer from some type of low back pain in their life. Where 1 out of 5 people will end up with chronic pain. And as our life becomes more and more sedentary, our lack of exercises will continue to increase musculoskeletal pain. For those reasons our team has one specific mission: Find the best ways to help those in pain recover. Let's fight together to reach this goal!

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